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Top 10 Selling used/new cars in Canada in 2015

Starting at number 10, it’s the popular and versatile Toyota Rav4. The Rav4 has earned its spot on the list for providing a roomy and reliable family-friendly crossover available with all wheel drive. It offers a good selection of trim levels and is also available as a hybrid for even better fuel economy. The Rav4 […]


Ten Interesting Facts About Cars

10 Interesting Facts About Cars    Automobile is a French word meaning auto “self” mobile “moving”. The First car was a steam powered car invented by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672 In 1925 a Ford only cost $625. Ferrari makes only a maximum of 14 cars per day. 16 percent of people report that they “NEVER” […]


Fuel Saving Tips For Your Used Car

5 Top Fuel Saving Tips For Your Used Vehicle! Chances are you can squeeze a bit more distance out of each gallon of fuel no matter what type of vehicle you drive.  – If you can get even just a few kilometers more per tank, the savings over time can be very significant.  Check out […]


Used Car Purchasing Guidelines

Used Car Purchasing Guidelines  Is it time for you to buy your used car?  Too many used car dealers in the Ottawa area to choose from?     We know how confusing it can be when considering all of the variables.   For example; what type of vehicle do you need? Do you need a compact, midsize, large […]


How to Reset Radio on 2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Your Volkswagen Jetta radio is equipped with an anti-theft system that requires resetting whenever power is disconnected from the radio, or if the radio is removed or is attempted to be removed from the vehicle.   When you see the “SAFE” indicator on your radio display, you will be required to get your special anti-theft radio […]


Winter Tires vs All Season Tires

SOFTER COMPOUNDS Winter tires include a greater degree of softer compounds than all-season tires. This allows better gripping in cold temperatures due to better flexibility of the tire. Some winter tires maintain some flexibility up to -40 degrees Celsius. All season tires lose flexibility between the temperatures of -8 and -15 degrees.   SIPES Winter […]