How to Reset Radio on 2009 Volkswagen Jetta

Your Volkswagen Jetta radio is equipped with an anti-theft system that requires resetting whenever power is disconnected from the radio, or if the radio is removed or is attempted to be removed from the vehicle.   When you see the “SAFE” indicator on your radio display, you will be required to get your special anti-theft radio code that is exclusive to your vehicle.

Your anti-theft radio code is located on your radio card (about the size of a credit card) which is usually with the vehicle owner’s manual.   Check your glove box.  If you do not have this card or you do not know your code, the radio will have to be removed to access the serial number on the radio to give to your Volkswagen dealer so they can retrieve the radio code for you.   It is recommended that this be done by an authorized dealer and/or licensed mechanic.

Steps to Reset Radio.

  1.  The word “SAFE” appears on your radio display.
  2. Depress and hold the “mode” and “safe” button at the same time until the number “1000” appears on the radio display. Release the numbers as soon as the “1000” appears.
  3. Enter your 4 digit radio code.  Use button #1 to enter first number.  Use button #2 to enter second number etc…   As soon as all of the numbers are entered the radio frequency will appear and the radio should be working normally.

Note:  if an incorrect radio code is entered more than twice, you will have to wait a minimum of 1 hour before the proper radio code will be able to be entered.

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