Top 10 Selling used/new cars in Canada in 2015

Starting at number 10, it’s the popular and versatile Toyota Rav4. The Rav4 has earned its spot on the list for providing a roomy and reliable family-friendly crossover available with all wheel drive. It offers a good selection of trim levels and is also available as a hybrid for even better fuel economy. The Rav4 has earned its spot as one of Canada’s most popular vehicles based on its versatility and remains one of Toyota’s best values.

At number 9, the soon-to-be-discontinued Dodge Grand Caravan represents a solid investment based on pure value for your dollar. As people carriers go there are few, if any, that come with more seating for less money. A brand-new base Grand Caravan can be had for right around the $20k mark, with fully equipped models commanding substantially more. FCA will soon discontinue the Grand Caravan and offer only the better appointed (and more profitable) Chrysler Town and Country.

The number 8 spot belongs to the Chevrolet Silverado. Available in 2 or 4-wheel drive, with either a regular cab, extended or crew cab configurations with a large number of engine offerings on tap, the Silverado can be optioned for any and all occasions and conditions. Hauling and towing, camping or a fishing trip with your friends and all their gear is no problem for the Silverado. It remains one of Chevrolet’s most popular vehicles.

At number 7, the Hyundai Elantra is one of the most cost-effective ways to drive a car equipped with options that other cars costing thousands more don’t offer. Heated front and rear seats, satellite navigation and a number of other high-class options coupled with Hyundai’s 100,000km/5yr. extended warranty make the Elantra one of the best deals on the road today. Hyundai hasn’t been shy to spend money on research and development, and the Elantra is just one of the fruits of Hyundai’s labours. Small wonder then that the Elantra is one of Canada’s best selling cars.

Number 6 belongs to the popular Ford Escape. Available in front or all-wheel-drive configurations with a plethora of available engines ranging from the base 2.5L to the 2.0L Ecoboost turbo, the Escape offers a wide variety of flavours for the Canadian consumer. Now in its fourth year, this model’s design remains fresh and Ford continues to do well with this radical departure from its previous generation.

Number 5 in Canada: Toyota Corolla. One of the world’s most popular cars for decades, the Corolla continues to enjoy a solid repeat customer base. The compact now offers a continuously variable transmission for even greater fuel efficiency. Toyota has even worked on making the Corolla look more interesting and fun to drive, as previous generation cars were somewhat boring.

The number 4 spot goes to The GMC Sierra, also known as the other half of the GM truck division coin. Sharing platforms and powertrains with the Chevrolet Silverado, the Sierra is also available in a number of configurations with multiple gas and diesel engine offerings. Together, sales almost rival Canada’s number 1 top selling vehicle.


The Honda Civic takes the number 3 spot in Canada in 2015. Honda is keen to keep the Civic fresh and new and to that end continues to evolve their best-selling compact car. Also a worldwide seller, the Civic continues to earn new customers as well as returning Civic buyers. The Civic is a direct competitor to the Corolla and the Elantra mentioned above, and must work hard to spurn the advances of both for the crown of the best selling compact car in Canada.

The number 2 spot goes to the Ram Pickup. The Ram was the first half-ton pickup to offer a small but powerful diesel engine which earned it the most fuel-efficient half ton truck title in North America, and also won back-to-back Truck of the Year Motor Trend competitions. It represents a solid investment and is available in a large number of configurations and engine options.

And the number 1 spot goes to… the Ford F-150. Ford continues to dominate the new vehicle sales industry with its top-selling half ton truck. Ford has made a number of changes to the F-150 for its current generation, including heavy use of aluminum in the body in order to decrease weight and increase fuel efficiency. More of an evolutionary design than a revolutionary one, the F-150 continues to sell well, even though numbers were down a bit compared to last year’s total volume sold. Chalk that up to the stiff competition from GM and Dodge. But for now, the undisputed sales king in Canada is and remains: the Ford F-150.