Used Car Purchasing Guidelines

Used Car Purchasing Guidelines

 Is it time for you to buy your used car?  Too many used car dealers in the Ottawa area to choose from?     We know how confusing it can be when considering all of the variables.   For example; what type of vehicle do you need? Do you need a compact, midsize, large vehicle, or even maybe an suv? Other considerations are price, kilometers, condition, vehicle history as well as financing, taxes, warrantees etc…

Purchasing a used vehicle does not need to be a difficult process.  Follow these simple guidelines and you will find the perfect vehicle that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  1.  Determine which vehicle you want to purchase.  Do some research on-line.  There are great websites like that give very valuable information to help you with your decision.  Another avenue is to talk to your friends, family and co-workers.  What do they drive?  What kind of ownership experience are they having with their vehicle?  People are usually very willing to share their experiences.
  2. Find the right dealership near you that has the vehicle you are looking for in stock.   Remember not all dealerships are alike.  Check the better business bureau, check reviews, and consider word of mouth etc…   Some dealerships charge administration fees, some offer warranties and financing etc…
  3. Test drive it!  This is a must.  See how it feels to drive? Be sure to drive it in road conditions that you normally drive.  For example if you do a lot of highway driving… be sure to test drive it on the highway.
  4.  Vehicle History is important.  Does the used car dealer provide this for you or do you have to purchase it?  Check to see if there are any reported accidents or insurance claims on the vehicle.
  5. Get a payment that fits your financial plan.  Pick the finance options that best suit your life.  Things to consider are type of financing available, fixed or variable rates, frequency of payments such as weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.  Also consider how long the term of the loan will be.  Also find out there are penalties if you make extra payments on the loan or if you pay the loan out early?
  6. Enjoy!!!  You purchased the right vehicle.  Take good care of it, follow the required maintenance schedule and it will last longer and eliminate many problems before they start.


These simple guidelines should help to make your used car search much easier.  If you are in the Ottawa area be sure to stop in here at Canadian Auto Mall in Ottawa’s West End.   We have a great selection of used cars, vans, trucks and SUV’s that among the cleanest in Ottawa.  We provide very friendly service in a stress free environment.  We also finance our vehicles so you can do it all right here.  Be sure to make Canadian Auto Mall your first stop when searching for your used vehicle.  See how stress free and easy purchasing your new used vehicle can be.

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